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  • • All conversation in the school should be in English since it is the medium of instruction, except for other linguistic studies.

  • • School uniform is compulsory on all class days and for school functions.

  • • Safety of the valuable personal belongings such as gold ornaments, and money is the responsibility of each student. It is advisable not to have excess amount of money with oneself.

  • • The students are expected to be regular and punctual for class and other exercises. Absentees should get their leave notes in the diary signed by the parent.

  • • Students are not expected to bring comics, periodicals and other books from outside to the school.

  • • Mobile phones, cassettes, CDs, Ipods, pen drives, tabs or cameras are not allowed at school.

  • • Any exchange of articles or money transaction between students is forbidden.

  • • Students are highly recommended to show genuine respect and love towards teachers and elders.

  • • Students are expected to take great care of the school property. They are not to scribble on the walls or furniture or damage anything. Damages need to be compensated.

  • • In case at the commencement of the class no teacher has arrived, the class leader will see to the discipline and order. If after five minutes, the teacher has not yet arrived the matter should be reported to the Principal.

  • • Strict discipline is to be maintained in the class room and in the corridors and no one should remain in the class room during the recess.

  • • All pupils are expected to take part in the Assembly. Students wishing to be exempted from P.T. and games on medical grounds, should produce a doctor's certificate.

  • • No student will enter into other classrooms without permission.

  • • During class hours the students are not to leave the school campus without permission.

  • • Verbal requests through messengers or students themselves, to allow them to go home before the school gets over, will not be complied with.

  • • The students found guilty of misconduct and who use unfair means, or give or receive assistants in any form during tests / exams will not be allowed to complete that exam.Failure to comply with this might lead to dismissal from the school.

  • • The school does not take any responsibility for the conduct of the pupils outside the campus.

  • • Promotion to higher classes, issue of conduct and other certificates, are matters absolutely within the discretion of the principal.